๐ŸŒŸ Exciting Opportunity! Apply Now for the D4GX India 2023 Empowerment Challenge!

:star2: Exciting Opportunity! Apply Now for the D4GX India 2023 Empowerment Challenge! :star2:

:alarm_clock: Application Deadline: 26th June 2023
:mag_right: Looking for data-led innovations/solutions developed by registered Indian NGOs.

:small_orange_diamond: Check out the landscape report here :books::link: (RESOURCES - #D4GX INDIA) to learn how NGOsโ€™ data-led solutions have empowered communities.

:question: Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to them at d4gxindia@dasra.org with the subject โ€˜Challenge 2023_Application Form Query_[name of org]โ€™. They will respond within 2 working days.

:earth_africa: The D4GX India Empowerment Challenge focuses on data-led innovation that empowers vulnerable communities by:
(i) Creating platforms for easy sharing, usage, analysis, and management of data
(ii) Ensuring users have agency to drive data for improving solutions and services
(iii) Building touchpoints for multi-stakeholder data interactions
(iv) Strengthening systems for better data supply.

#D4GX #IndiaEmpowermentChallenge

:small_orange_diamond: APPLY HERE! Donโ€™t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Join Dasra, Bloomberg, Societal Platform, and Stanford PACS to enable data agencies for Indiaโ€™s most vulnerable communities.

About the Challenge:
The pandemic has underscored the importance of collaboration and strengthening the data ecosystem in Indiaโ€™s development sector. The D4GX 2023 India Empowerment Challenge seeks to leverage the power of data to drive positive change and promote data-driven decision-making. Weโ€™re looking for solutions that create platforms, empower users, build touchpoints, and strengthen data supply in the following thematic tracks:

:dart: Data to Enable Learning to Livelihood
:dart: Data to Enable Community Resilience
:dart: Data to Enable Climate and Sustainability

Eligibility Criteria:
Non-profit organizations with early-stage innovations are eligible to apply.

Benefits of Participation:
:sparkles: Innovation Design Grants worth INR 10L for four winners (one from each thematic track)
:sparkles: Showcase Opportunity at the D4GX India Annual Conference 2023 for up to 15 shortlisted applicants
:sparkles: Amplification Support across Bloomberg, Dasra, Societal Platforms, and Stanford PACS Digital Civil Society Labโ€™s networks
:sparkles: Mentorship & Networking Opportunities with prominent ecosystem stakeholders

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:e-mail: Email: d4gxindia@dasra.org

Letโ€™s unlock the power of data for social impact! :muscle::bulb: #DataDrivenChange #EmpoweringCommunities #SocialInnovation